Award-Winning Geek Store!

As one of the largest geek stores in the UK, we take pride in what we do. We give the people of central Scotland a place to relax, and take pride in their geekiness! 

Enjoy a hot beverage in our cafe, play trading card games with friends & make new friends! Enjoy time in our free arcade and so much more!

Geeky Goodies!

Geeks & Gamers is one of the largest geek stores in the UK, and is FILLED with awesome merchandise from franchises ranging from Anime, Movies, Tv Shows and so much more!

Competitive prices with an amazing loyalty scheme!

Our Arcade

Pop into our retro arcade filled with over 10 amazing machines including Pinball, Need for Speed, House of the Dead, Aliens, a Nintendo Switch with up-to-date games and Cabinets with over 500+ retro games!

Geeky Cafe

Enjoy a hot geeky beverage or one of our lunch options in our very own geeky cafe!

Plenty of seating space available to enjoy a relaxing day at Geeks & Gamers!